In this 11-minute interview, the new Life Enrichment Coordinator for Island Volunteer Caregivers (IVC) describes the series of three uplifting films that IVC is offering for free, at 1pm on 3 Sundays: March 6th and 13th, and April 3rd.

BCB’s guest is Lynn Murphy, who describes the three-film series called “Living Out Loud”. As Lynn says, each feature-length film is joyous and memorable. Each will be screened in the comfortable cinema auditorium of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

At 1pm on Sunday, March 6th, the first film is “Age of Champions”, showing seniors who are surprisingly great in their favorite sports. 

On Sunday, March 13th at 1pm, it’s Young @ Heart.

And, on Sunday April 3rd at 1pm, it’s a film called “Alive Inside” about the hope and joy that can be experienced, despite symptoms of Alzheimers.

Each film is offered without charge to the public. Seniors might enjoy attending with a family member.

Lynn also describes the range of free services offered by IVC day-by-day to help Seniors age in place. More than 150 IVC volunteers offer services at no charge to more than 200 IVC care recipients. Learn more at the IVC website.

To contact IVC about either volunteering or applying for services, call Rita or Robin at 206-842-4441.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.