In this podcast, John Ellis and Frank Buxton describe the series of six classic Film Noir movies in a series of dinner and movie nights they are hosting at the Art Museum auditorium.

For six Tuesday evenings, starting Sept 22, there will be a movie shown in the comfortable movie theater auditorium at the Museum.  A prior dinner is optional. The Auditorium seats about 100, with a wall-sized big screen and excellent high fidelity sound. A question and comment period follows each show.

The series starts with Chinatown, with a special guest who is the founder of the Film Noir Foundation. Plus, there will be an optional grand opening dinner at the Bistro.

Other films in the series will include (not necessarily in this order):

  • Criss-Cross – classic 1949 black-and-white cinematography, starring Burt Lancaster;
  • Double Indemnity – the essential film noir film, directed by Billy Wilder, starring Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson;
  • Sunset Boulevard – with Gloria Swanson, William Holden and Buster Keaton;
  • In a Lonely Place – with Humphrey Bogart; and
  • Blood Simple – the first feature release (1984) by the successful Coen brothers team.

Tickets are limited and can be obtained from the BIMA website.

John and Frank are also known for their comedy improv group — The Edge — that has performed for almost 20 years at BPA. Turns out they are both movie enthusiasts. Last year, they hosted several film series at BIMA — on silent films, comedies and film noir. They are bringing back the film noir series by popular demand – with a new set of films.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.