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In this first podcast of a monthly series on the BARN, Operations/Program Chair Catherine Camp talks with fiber artist Caroline Cooley-Browne about the origin and plans of the Fiber Arts Studio.

“To have the opportunity to work collaboratively or at least side by side with fellow artists is just a real dream come true at BARN.” -Caroline Cooley-Browne

In this podcast Catherine Camp & Caroline Cooley-Browne treat listeners to a discussion about the history of the Fiber Arts Studio and the programs currently offered at the BARN on Sunrise Drive, and planned for the permanent building being constructed off of Brooklyn Road.  

Caroline enthusiastically describes initially getting together with other artists to form a monthly fiber group to inspire, create community, and support each other’s fiber arts passion. When BARN was conceived, the fiber arts group quickly signed on, excited to contribute to and share their artistic energy with all the other studios.

Some upcoming events the Fiber Arts Studio is sponsoring:

Fancy Pants workshop with Jennifer Rhoades

Wire Crochet  with Marcy Lynn
Color Theory with Caroline  Cooley-Browne  
Long Liker with Melinda West

To learn more about upcoming classes at the barn, visit

Credits: BCB host and audio editor: Joanna Pyle; audio finishing and publishing: Diane Walker.