In this podcast, Ken Pyburn calls in by Skype from Portland Oregon to describe the purpose of the Saturday February 28 meeting to consider forming a senior village for Bainbridge Island.  Ken is the main guest speaker for that event.

As Ken explains, a senior “village” isn’t a physical neighborhood — it’s a virtual neighborhood. It’s an organization that provides a wide range of services that will help seniors age in place in their homes.  Villages provide the services that seniors outgrow their willingness to do or their ability to do as they grow older.

Ken has recently retired from chairing the board of directors of “Villages Northwest”, which is a group of eight senior villages growing in the Portland Oregon vicinity.

The February 28th meeting will take place at the Waterfront Community Center (sometimes called the Bainbridge Senior Community Center). The village proposal is the brainchild of Sue Barrington of the BI Parks and Recreation District staff for the Center.

For more information about the meeting on senior villages, have a listen to Sue’s remarks on What’s Up podcast 116 from February 19th: “Learn about the Villages Movement Feb 28 and the Community Center”.

Credits: BCB host and publisher: Barry Peters; BCB audio editor: Tim Bird.