From BCB:

The annual End of Life: Respecting Choice Conference will be held April 16 at WPCC.

“Even after many years holding this conference, every year I’m learning very new things, because the landscape is always changing, so it really is valuable to have a regular annual check up on end of life issues.”  – Sue Barrington 

In this podcast Sue Barrington, manager of the Waterfront Park Community Center, invites listeners to the annual End of Life conference at WPCC. Designed to help everyone discuss and discover the choices around the only part of life that each of us will experience, the conference will be held Saturday April 16th  from 9:30am to 3pm.

Speakers will discuss:

• the choices you might not realize you have when considering calling 911;

• the stages between full independence and end of life;

• long-term care facility choices;

• death with dignity legalities;

• palliative care and hospice care differences;

• legal issues surrounding death itself; and

• various other end of life issues.

Speakers include Luke Carpenter, Dr. Jeannette Franks, Betty Herman, Dana Gargus, Dr. Dick Baker, David Bucher, and Dorothy Foster.

Cost for the conference is $50 (scholarships available). For more information call 842-1616 or visit

New this year:  A film event at 6pm Friday April 15 hosted by Caroline Stevens. A powerful film created by the Heartwork organization, Speaking of Dying, is a 30 minute documentary capturing the importance of individuals speaking openly about aspects of the dying process. Open to all. $5.00 donation requested.

Credits: BCB host and audio editor: Joanna Pyle; social media publisher: Diane Walker.