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Following last month’s popular and sold out Aging-in-Place & The Villages Concept workshop, Sue Barrington invites the community to discuss and discover the options available, legal requirements, and benefits of planning for the end of our own lives at an End of Life Conference. To be held from 9 to 3 on Saturday April 4 at the Community Center, the conference offers an opportunity to join with others and learn how end-of-life planning can be the greatest gift we can give both ourselves and our loved ones.  

During the course of the day doctors, lawyers, educators, and many others will offer insights in their areas of expertise. Among these will be Luke Carpenter of the BI Fire Department  (explaining the rules and regulations that make up the protocols that emergency responders must follow when 911 is called); Dr. Dick Baker, a retired teacher of family medicine at UW & UNC who currently volunteers as Medical Director for Compassion & Choices;  and Dr. Jeannette Franks, a passionate gerontologist who has taught ethics, grief and loss, and courses on geriatrics and gerontology for over 20 years at UW.

Everyone attending will learn about and receive an official POLST form (Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and by day’s end, can leave with a legal document ready for use. This form can provide security for patient and physician that patient’s wishes will be carried out.

The $40.00 conference fee includes a binder of information, official documents, & lunch.  For more information, visit or call 206-842-1616.

Credits:  BCB host, writer, and audio tech Joanna Pyle; BCB audio editor Lyssa Danehy de Hart; BCB publishers Chris and Diane Walker.