How many years have you been driving? 35, 45, more? Now you can refresh your driving skills — and drop your insurance rates — by taking the AARP driving classes for age 50 and above at the Bainbridge Island Senior Center.

In this podcast, BCB host and Senior Center director Reed Price introduces us to AARP driving instructor Peter Eddy. Peter teaches a quarterly AARP Driver Safety course at the Senior Center. The classes are targeted at adults 50 or older, and take 8 hours of class time over two days. Upcoming classes will begin on Feb. 8 and April 10.

The course is also available online,, but Peter favors the in-class method, and not just because he’s a teacher. Listen here as he describes why people take the course, what they’ve learned from it, what insights have been gained in conversations among participants, and why some people take the course more than once.

To register for one of the upcoming driving courses, call the Bainbridge Island Senior Center at 206-842-1616. Or, better yet, you can drop by the Center — on Brien Drive across from Waterfront Park — and learn first hand about this and other opportunities and activities provided there.

Credits: BCB host: Reed Price; BCB audio tech: Chris Walker; audio editor and publisher Diane Walker.