Did you know that almost 60% of the population are often not comfortable riding or walking to public spaces because they don’t feel safe doing so? What if we could make our streets and paths safer for children to ride their bicycle to school? You’ll hear discussion on these questions and more at the special City Council session on March 16th @ 5:00 pm.

Leaders from several community organizations will participate in the study session to listen to Gil Penalosa, world-class expert in creating solutions that enable people to connect and access public spaces safely.

In this podcast episode, guests Fran Korten and Susan Loftus of Bainbridge Greenways Steering Committee, add Leslie Schneider, City Council Liaison of the Sustainable Transportation Task Force share with us the ongoing effort to build the Bainbridge Island Sustainable Transportation Plan; a vision for how to we travel safely around the island and reduce our carbon footprint. And they’ll tell us what to expect at the March 16th study session.

Learn more about the March 16th Council meeting by clicking here.

To view the Sustainable Transportation Planning Study page go here.

And to the Sustainable Bainbridge program “Bainbridge GreenWays” page go here.

Credits: BCB Host Sonia Scaer; Audio editor Keith Doughty; Publisher Bob Ross