For many of us who care about the environment, the current political climate and federal-level actions can be particularly discouraging. As Junot Diaz, a Pulitzer-Prize winning writer, recently said, “There’s nothing about our impoverished political systems…that is going to be able to hold us together in the face of the coming storm of climate change. We need a lot more than we have.”

Fortunately Diaz went on to say that the solutions will lie in our collective genius: “from the bottom will the genius come –” and indeed, that’s exactly what’s happening here on Bainbridge Island.

In this podcast, Michael Cox, a recently retired climate change advisor of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Dr. Lara Hansen, Executive Director of EcoAdapt and board member of Sustainable Bainbridge, tell us about five local environmental organizations that are coming together to work on climate change: Climate Action Bainbridge, EcoAdapt, Sustainable Bainbridge, Friends of Island Power and Citizens Climate Lobby.

Together they are launching the Climate and Energy Forum, a new monthly series that will feature various speakers and discussion topics to increase our community’s awareness and consider adaptation strategies for dealing with climate change.

The first Climate and Energy Forum will focus on Bainbridge Island’s climate assessment study and how it ties to our city’s comprehensive plan. The event will be held on Saturday, October 21 from 10:00-11:30am at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church. Speakers will include State Senator Christine Rolfes, Mayor Val Tollefson and EcoAdapt’s Lara Hansen. 

In this podcast, Michael and Lara also share their personal reflections on environmental stewardship, including what has evolved in the field over the course of their careers. Together they emphasize one central message: how incredibly important and effective local and individual action is, and the difference that Bainbridge Island can make more broadly.

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Credits: BCB host: Christina Hulet; audio tech and editor: Chris Walker; social media publisher: Diane Walker.