The Bainbridge Island Climate Change Advisory Committee is looking for your thoughts on how to mitigate and prepare for climate change.  You can help by filling out their survey at and by attending their upcoming workshops, to be held December 7 and 11.

Listen here as CCAC members Michael Cox and Nora Nickum explain the charge given to the city’s Climate Change Advisory Committee, what challenges our island community faces in the event of accelerating climate change, and how you can help our community prepare for what’s ahead.

The first workshop will be held in City Hall Saturday December 7 from 10am to noon.  The second workshop will be held in the BHS library on December 11 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

CCAC member Nora Nickum has worked on climate resilience at the US Agency for International Development, and then on climate action planning for communities around the state and around the country. In this podcast she shares some of her experiences from working on these problems in other communities.

Michael Cox is a former EPA climate advisor and whistle-blower who has his own observations to share about the work that lies ahead. Together Mike and Nora invite us to participate in the CCAC’s decision process by participating in the workshops and taking the online survey.

Credits: BCB host and audio editor: Chris Walker; publisher: Chris Walker.