Community Cafe is BCB’s newest podcast radio show for Bainbridge Island.  Each episode is like a 15 to 25-minute conversation over coffee with a friend describing a community need or issue that matters.

On this first episode of Community Cafe Bainbridge, Kathy Cook, the very experienced Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Bainbridge Island explains the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the 2-year public process that is now starting to update the Comp Plan for the first time since 2004.

The City has named the Comp Plan long-term update process: “Navigate Bainbridge: Charting our Future Together”.  The title emphasizes the City’s view that the process will benefit from many constituencies working together, including island residents, the Planning Commission, City staff and the City Council.

Kathy describes the two public meetings that will mark the start of the process:

 – Tuesday, July 22, 7-9pm, an open public meeting called “Comprehensive Plan 101”, located at Bainbridge High School Commons

 – Thursday, Aug 28 (tentative date): Planning Commission public meeting to determine how the public process for the Comp Plan update should work, located at City Hall

In this 22-minute interview with BCB host Barry Peters, Kathy Cook also describes the range and scope of the existing Comp Plan — element by element.


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