What could be better than strolling through the beautiful gardens at Bloedel Reserve? How about strolling with a 12-week program that improves well-being and enhances your outlook on life.

In this podcast, Bloedel’s Communications & Outreach Coordinator, Erin Jennings, describes this 12-week free program.  The next 12-week session begins on September 9th with the first of three check-in meetings.

In the first meeting, participants will receive a beautiful workbook journal for writing or drawing in response to the self-guided contemplative walks in the book.  There are 12 one-hour walks, which can be done anytime over the 12 week session.  Participants who are not currently members of Bloedel will receive a complimentary 3-month membership for the duration of the program.

Erin agrees that this program is like a guided meditation or contemplation through exquisite natural beauty.  How could we not benefit from this?

If you are interested in more information, go to the Bloedel “Strolls for Well-Being” web page.  To register, email Erin Jennings or call her at 206-842-7631 ext. 19.

Bloedel thanks Peninsula Cancer Center for sponsoring Strolls for Well-Being.

Credits: BCB host: Channie Peters; BCB editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.