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This fascinating and informative interview takes us behind the scenes to the magnificent collection of artists’ books in the Sherry Grover Gallery of the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, providing insight into a wide array of artists’ books with different themes, materials, texts, and ingenuity.  

According to BIMA founder and artists’ books curator Cynthia Sears, artists’ books are “literalists of the imagination,” for their ingenious construction, literary cleverness, and sometimes, satire. In this podcast Cynthia tells BCB host Channie Peters where she finds most of the books she collects for the art museum, what is special about them to her, and where we can see more such beautiful and clever works of art and craft.

BIMA is one of the few art museums in America to offer a significant collection of artists’ books permanently exhibited in a special gallery designed just for such pieces of art.  The collection is diverse and always astounding in the cleverness, design and execution of each artist’s book.  

In fact, description pales before the actual visual impact of each book — so it’s best to visit BIMA, and see for yourself.The Sherry Grover Gallery is on the second floor of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, which is conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 305 and Winslow Way, just a short walk from the ferry. 


Credits: BCB host Channie Peters; BCB tech editor Tim Bird; BCB social media publisher: Diane Walker.