Under the guidance of chef Melinda Lucas, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s bistro has evolved into a full service, full menu restaurant popular with both museum visitors and local residents.

Listen here as chef Lucas shares the story behind the Bistro’s evolution from grab ‘n go food bar (making precooked, prepackaged food sourced from vendors), to a limited menu food bar with lunch items cooked internally by a chef, to a full service, sit-down restaurant with an expanded menu.

Originally trained as a pastry chef, Melinda’s menus are varied – both hearty and light, seasonal, fresh, and always delicious. She describes her cooking style as simple and basic, with fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. And did we say she’s a pastry chef?  Ask the locals: her chocolate chip cookies and ricotta pound cake are to die for!

In addition to Melinda, the bistro now has a catering chef, Marcielle Herring, who is responsible for the menus and preparation of food for special events, which include museum events, such as member preview parties, and also events booked by companies, organizations or individuals.  So now, in addition to the expanded chef-prepared lunch menu, the BIMA bistro offers special dinners on Tuesday evenings to accompany the museum’s continuing film series, and offers catering for special events at the art museum.  

So — the next time you get a chance, stop in and sample the new wares at the BIMA Bistro: you won’t regret it!

Credits: BCB host: Channie Peters; BCB audio editor: Chris Walker; social media publisher: Diane Walker.