Curious about “Big History?” Dr. Robert Drury can help answer your questions; just come to three sessions at the Bainbridge Island Senior Center to learn more.

Big History is an approach to history that takes in the whole scope of understood time – from the Big Bang to the present. David Christian, a Russian history scholar, coined the term, bringing in scientists, humanities professors, and people from a range of disciplines to help explain history in a unified way.

This way of looking at history is less focused on human culture alone, and certainly less focused on the rise and fall of specific kingdoms and empires or outcomes of military conflicts. Christian’s course attracted the attention of Bill Gates, who has supported efforts to put the project in front of high school students worldwide.

Dr. Robert Drury is a psychologist, Bainbridge Island resident and an enthusiast for the Big History approach. He plans to use the online curriculum of Big History ( to introduce interested people to the concept over the course of three Saturday sessions at the Bainbridge Island Senior Center.

The presentations begin at noon on March 3, 10 and 17 and last 1 1/2 hours each. Please use the West Wing (Thrift Store) entrance. There’s no cost to attend, but donations to the Senior Center are appreciated.

Credits: BCB host: Reed Price; audio editor: Chris Walker; social media publisher Diane Walker.