In this podcast, we get first-hand information for voters from City Mayor Anne Blair, Police Chief Matt Hamner, and the Treasurer of Islanders for a Secure Bainbridge, Tom McCloskey.

Their podcast explains this Fall’s Proposition 1 ballot measure which would fund the consolidation of our Bainbridge Island police department, local court, and emergency operations center, in a central location adjacent to City Hall.

They explain that the Police Department is currently housed in a converted 1945 fire station that is structurally unsafe and deficient in many areas that would prevent our the Department from becoming accredited under State law. They also point out that the property at Route 305 and Winslow Way is in a commercially desirable location that – if sold – could raise a substantial amount of money toward the construction of a combined facility for police, courts and emergency operations.

The information provided in the podcast is also available on the website of Islanders for a Secure Bainbridge.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and publisher: Barry Peters.