For an inspirational story of healing and recovery, stop by Eagle Harbor Books at 7 pm on October 26 and meet author Jamie Osborne.

In June of 2007, Osborne suffered a tragic spinal cord injury from a cycling accident. Though doctors said it was unlikely he would ever walk again, Jamie now skis, golfs, swims, and has bicycled the full route around Mercer Island.

Jamie’s new book, Will Your Way Back, chronicles the journey of his last 10 years, a journey to recovery driven by his determination to walk again and live independently. Having struggled professionally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to overcome his disability and persevere in pursuit of a new normal, he is eager to share the discoveries he made along the way with others who wrestle with traumatic injury and loss.

James Osborne’s story is unique and compelling, and an inspiration to all who hear it. Come to Eagle Harbor Books at 7 pm on October 26, meet Jamie, and learn how you, too, can Will Your Way Back.

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