How do you capture a storm on canvas? Artist Joanie Klorer grew up in Tornado Alley, and after a career helping others find therapeutic resolution through art she’s carried her own awareness of time, place, and storms into abstract paintings she’ll share at the Bainbridge Island Library for the month of July.

During her nearly four decades as a social worker, Joanie found art was a great way to help people — especially non-verbal clients — express their hearts and experiences. Today she uses her art to achieve the same objective for herself, drawing on her experience of those childhood storms to feed her paintings 

“I think of memory as a shadow which lingers from encounters and places.  Memory, influenced by time, place, and experience forms the catalyst for my paintings.  I believe my paintings are often an attempt at resolution of memories that are stuck like films on continuous replay.” 

Joanie’s exhibit, entitled “Where I Come From: Memory and Place,” will open during the First Friday Arts Walk at the Bainbridge Public Library on July 5th from 5-7 pm. Don’t miss it!

Credits: BCB Host and audio editor: John Fossett; publisher: Diane Walker.