What is the current status of 550 Madison?  What is the plan for the Suzuki property? Listen here for answers to these and other questions about current affordable housing projects on the Island.

 It’s been a year since the report of the Affordable Housing Task Force was released (see https://www.bestofbcb.org/cafe-070-affordable-housing-task-force/ for details), and Phedra Elliott, Executive Director, and Penny Lamping, Fundraising and Communications Manager of Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) are back in the BCB studio to give us a progress report on some of the work being done in response to last year’s report.

HRB is the island nonprofit that provides and maintains affordable housing opportunities.  In this podcast Phedra and Penny talk about HRB’s next steps on these projects, City Council involvement, and how many units and what types may become available on these properties. They’ll also share information on  the fundraising goals, how much has been raised, and how you can help the island’s efforts to make more affordable housing available.

For more information, visit  https://www.housingresourcesbi.org/ or check out  http://www.bainbridgegives.org.

Credits: BCB Host: Sandy Schubach; Editor and Publisher: Chris Walker