Susan Wiersema and Lynnette Sandbloom will present an art show in the meeting room of the Bainbridge branch of the Kitsap Regional Library. Their show, entitled Aesops Fables, will open as part of the communitys First Friday Art Walk on Friday, December 1st.

Knowing the two artists were preparing for a show, a friend suggested they pursue a theme of animals with stories. Because Susans husband had given her a copy of Aesops Fables for Christmas a few years earlier, she suggested that as a theme for the library show, and Lynette agreed to the challenge.

Susan and Lynnette, who met while working at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, are both interested in illustrating childrens books, and have shown together at the library before. But their styles and approaches to their work are surprisingly different: listen here to learn more about their respective processes and this exciting upcoming exhibit.

Aesops Fables, by Susan Wiersema and Lynnette Sandbloom, opens Friday, Dec 1st @ 5 PM and will continue throughout the month.

Credits: BCB host: John Fossett; audio editor and publisher: Diane Walker.