Welcome to BARN’s Youth and Family Programs

We hope youth and families find many opportunities to become active at BARN.  The classes and programs listed in the Youth Calendar are either specifically designed for youth or have been “tagged” by studios because the event topic might be of interest to youth.  All classes at BARN are open to 14 and above, unless noted otherwise.

More ways to get involved:

In addition, we are developing other opportunities for youth to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, engage our artisan studios and learn from BARN Artisans

Internships: BARN is fueled by volunteers. Join the BARN team as a volunteer, and as a high school student, you could apply for a unpaid Work Experience Credit.

Community Service: Get involved in the any of the community service projects at BARN.

Independent Studies/Mentorships: We will have a pilot program in fall 2017 where students can get  school credit for learning artisan skills.

Partnerships: We would love to chat with representatives of schools, youth and community groups on how to connect our programs with yours.

For more information or if you want an introduction  to BARN, please contact:

Julie Leung, BARN Program Manager: julie@bainbridgebarn.org






Featured  Youth Program:

EARLY RELEASE Kids Cooking, 2:30 – 5:00

Marcela Sandoval is a classically trained Chef and has years of cooking abroad and instructing kids of all ages.  She will lead the cooking 101 class.  Knives, Pans, and cooking.  Skills and techniques will be taught.  And since cooking is 90 percent cleaning we will be cleaning as well.  Kids 8 to 13 welcome with a parent.  14 and above can sign up on their own.