Programs for youth

Welcome to BARN’s Youth & Family Programs

Beyond the fact that almost all BARN classes and program are open to 14 years and older, we also offer classes and activities that are specifically focused on youths and families. Click on the calendar to discover these classes and events.

In addition, we are developing other opportunities for youth to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, engage our artisan studios and learn from our mentors.

This summer,  our Teen Camp offers full-week immersion experiences, with several studios offering workshops each week, for ages 13 to 18.  Participants  will prepare weekly lunches with our Kitchen Arts chefs.

What’s coming up?  Here are future plans to engage our youth community:

Summer Teen Camps are filling up, the first week starts the week of July 17:

Old School Meets New School, Electronics and Fiber: Teen Camp at BARN 

You will learn both learn basic electronics skills of soldering, 3D Printing,  sewing skills during the “Youth in Stitches” workshop and as your explore the ETA studio. Old School meets New School when you create a wearable electronic garment,

This is a full week immersion experience at BARN, where you will become familiar with Electronic and Fiber Arts skills.

Kitchen Arts will teach you to make your own lunches and each the the group will make and eat lunches..

Here are the workshops for the week:

Youth in Stitches;   Instructor: Jeni Adams

Have fun and learn to sew at the same time.  This class is guaranteed to keep you in stitches. Students will learn how to:

–      use a sewing machine

·      become a straight stitch wizard

·      practice ziz-zag sewing stitches

·      learn about sergers and how to use them.

During this class you will learn these skills while making a book bag and pillowcase with fabrics that express your personality. 

Intro to Soldering Instructor:  David Mitchell
Soldering is one of the most fundamental skills needed to dabble in the world of electronics. In a world of increasing technological stuff, this one simple skill will enable you to build, alter and fix things. This session will cover the basics of soldering and safety using a kit.
Wearables Instructor:  Kelly Franznick
You will learn the basics of designing and building wearable electronic circuits embedded in clothing through a simple e-textile project. The class will use an Arduino-based microprocessor designed specifically for garments and you will modify a garment of their choice with the addition of LEDs. More advanced topics such as adding sensors, LED matrices, and EL wire will also be introduced. Arduino based, but not heavy on programming

Intro to 3D Printing Instructor: Bill Garvey

Get an over of 3D printing and how to use BARN’s 3D printers. Students will download a 3D model from an online source prepare it for printing and see the printers work.

 Make a Box On the Laser Cutter Instructor: Rick Gordon

Learn the basics of making things on the laser cutter by creating a small box with finger joints in 2D design software (Inkscape) and cutting it on the laser cutter.

More to do at BARN:

Internships: BARN is fueled by volunteers. Join the BARN team as a volunteer, and as a high school student, you could apply for a unpaid Work Experience Credit.

Community Service: Get involved in the any of the community service projects at BARN.

Independent Studies/Mentorships: We will have a pilot program in fall 2017 where students can get  school credit for learning artisan skills.

Youth Council: We are recruiting members for our Youth Council, which will make sure youth have a voice at BARN and contribute ideas on how BARN should respond to youth interest.

Partnerships: We would love to chat with representatives of schools, youth and community groups on how to connect our programs with yours.

For more information, please contact Catherine Camp, BARN vice president-operations, at






Teen Camps 2017:

July 17 – 21: Old School Meets New School:  Learn basic sewing and electronics, and make a wearable electronic garment, includes Lunch. Studios: Electronic, Technical and Fiber Arts

July 24 – 28: Express Yourself: Personalize a book creation, design an art print and learn to up-cycle your wardrobe with simple sewing techniques. Studios: Book, Print and Fiber Arts

July 31 – Aug.3: August Triple Treat — Glass, Jewelry and Wood: Design glass tiles, create a piece of jewelry & build a wooden frame. Studios: Glass, Jewelry and Woodshop

August 7 – 11: Outdoor Fun: Make an Adirondack chair, metal stars, glass mobile and candle diffuser.