Using BARN gift certificates

BARN gift certificates are available for $25, $50, $75, $150, $400 (enough for an annual membership) and $600 (a family membership).

When you purchase a BARN gift certificate, we will create a BARN account for the recipient or add the value to that person’s existing account. The recipient can use the credit toward a membership or class fees.

We will email you to confirm the purchase and give you a link to print a decorative gift certificate that you can enclose in a gift card. To avoid spoiling surprises, we will leave it to you to tell the recipient about your gift.

To spend a BARN gift certificate, the recipient should register for a membership or class at, but not click the link to pay. Then email and ask to have the credit applied to the fee. Any leftover credit will remain in the recipient’s account for use toward a future payment.

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