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Donate to BARN. Pick Your Tree.

Help BARN secure land for future expansion and give makers of all ages more opportunities to learn and use hands-on skills. As a thank you for your donation of $200 or more, you can tag and harvest a beautiful noble fir.

The Tree Farm property adjacent to BARN recently became available, and BARN would like to acquire it for future expansion. Donations in any amount will help make this possible. Your donation of $200 or more will give you the the opportunity to harvest one of many beautiful trees remaining on the land.

You can make your donation in person when you tag and/or harvest your tree from 10:00am – 3:00pm on 11/20, 11/25, 11/26, 12/3 and 12/10. You can also make your donation below and come during one of those times to receive your tag and harvest your tree.

Want to learn more? Read our FAQs.

The Tree Fundraiser & Tree Farm FAQS

How much do I need to donate to harvest a tree?
The minimum donation to receive a tree is $200, but we welcome donations of any size!

How do I make a donation and select a tree?
You may make a donation on this page now, and tag/harvest a tree on 11/20, 11/25, 11/26, 12/3, and 12/10 between 10am – 3pm.  You can also just show up on one of those days to harvest a tree and make your donation on site by Credit Card, Check, or Cash.  You are welcome to tag a tree on one of the earlier dates and come back on one of the later days to harvest your tree.  If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Do I need to bring my own saw and rope to attach the tree to my car? 
We will have plenty of tools from BARN’s woodworking studio, as well as volunteers to help you cut your tree.  We encourage you to bring your own straps or rope to tie your tree to your car, but we will have some sturdy twine on hand if you need it.

What type and size of trees are available?
The trees are noble firs and range from 4 ft to 14 ft!

What is happening on Three Tree Lane?
BARN recently had an unexpected opportunity to purchase the property to the south of our current campus.

Why does BARN want the property?
The purchase of this property will secure the land for future expansion as BARN continues to grow to better serve the community and region.

How big is the property?
The 1.89 -acre parcel is adjacent to the south edge of BARN’s current property and encompasses the land directly south to New Brooklyn Road.

What will be built on the property?
We’ve heard lots of ideas about what is needed in the region. A team of staff and volunteers will use the coming year to reach out to stakeholders at BARN and in the wider community to assess needs as we envision future uses.

What is the purchase price?

How much has been raised so far?
Approximately $650,000

How do you expect to raise the remaining funds?
Since the land has historically been a tree farm, we’ll launch the fundraising by inviting donors to contribute to the campaign and choose a tree for their use or as a gift for someone else. There will be a variety of other approaches to secure the funds in 2023.

I’d like to support this campaign, but I’d prefer to not receive a tree. What are my choices?
You can choose to donate your tree to Helpline House or Fishline. You’ll be able to select that option in the donation form, and we’ll handle the tree delivery!  You may also select the ‘No Tree’ option on the donation form and make a general gift in support of this campaign.

I’d like to know more about BARN’s Craft Our Future campaign. Who do I contact?
Thanks for your interest! We’d love to hear from you.  Please reach out to our Development Manager, Jess Henderson.


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BARN envisions a world where people recognize and value their own creativity and their capacity to contribute to their communities. Our mission is to grow and inspire a creative community through craft, learning and service.