The Printmaking Studio at the BARN is an important part of the vibrant printmaking community of Bainbridge Island. The studio welcomes both beginners and experienced printers in developing and sharing skills and ideas in our many workshops, open studios and salons.

The studio uses non-toxic materials and practices in making prints. Our equipment includes:

  • A large Takach etching press
  • A small Ettan etching press
  • A large soaking basin for preparing paper for printing
  • Generous workspaces for inking
  • Tools for the printmaking process, including brayers, mixing knives, and basic inks

The studio offers frequent workshops in monotype, linoleum blocks, collage, dry point etching, shellac plates, and chine collé. Instructors include both experienced BARN printmakers and visiting guest artists.

Printmaking by its nature is a collaborative art. We welcome anyone interested in this fascinating pursuit of making prints and extending community.

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Printmaking Studio Phone:
206-842-4475, ext. 214.