The Printmaking Studio at the BARN offers instruction in a variety of print techniques, such as monotype, linoleum block printing, collage, dry point etching, shellac plates, and chine collé.  Instructors include experienced BARN printmakers and visiting guest artists. The studio welcomes beginners and experienced printers in developing and sharing skills and ideas in our classes, workshops, and open studios.

The studio uses non-toxic materials and practices.  Our equipment includes:

A large Takach etching press

A small Ettan etching press

A large soaking basin for preparing paper for printing

10 workspaces with individual glass palettes and counter area

Tools for the printmaking process, including brayers and ink knives

Using the studio independently:  BARN members with fob access are welcome to use the print studio during BARN open hours any time there is no class in session.   The equipment and basic tools listed above, as well as cleanup supplies, are available for fob approved users working independently in the studio.  Paper is available for purchase in the studio as well.  In 2019 we will be transitioning to a system where printmakers will provide their own inks and modifiers.

How to get fob access:  In order to be approved for fob access the member must be able to reliably and consistently perform all the tasks on a studio checklist without reminders or assistance.  Tasks include knowing details of BARN print studio practice involving press management, ink use and cleanup, tool use and cleanup, and paper use.  If you have printmaking experience, contact the studio lead to set an appointment to run through the checklist.  If you do not have enough experience, please take an introductory class.  The 5-week class is a comprehensive preparation for completing the checklist.  Any two of the 3-week classes are also a good preparation.  These introductory classes will be offered regularly.  Please check the calendar for the next one.

Printmaking by its nature is a collaborative art, with the press at its center.  We welcome anyone interested in printmaking in community.


If you would like an orientation or need additional information about programs message us here.

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