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Metal Fabrication – Machine Shop

BARN has a well-equipped Machine Shop with a host of machine tools and support equipment that provide a wide array of machining techniques that can be used to repair parts of other machines, fabricate a new part from metal or plastic stock, as well 3D printing a component. Included in our equipment list are both manual and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.

As important as machines are to the machine shop, the skill to use them and the experience to imagine solutions to challenging problems is equally important. BARN’s team of machine shop instructors offer opportunities to learn and build machine shop skills in several ways:

  • One – and two-session classes 2-3 hours in duration that offer both foundation understanding and hands-on experience.
  • Custom Classes where a skilled instructor guides the student through a special project showing the way toward project completion.
  • Helping clean and maintain the machines and spaces is an excellent way to learn your way around machine tools, but also helps keep the shop in ship-shape.
  • With increased skill, individuals can serve as monitors during open studio events to gain additional experience and expand their abilities.

The Machine Shop has almost all the equipment you need to develop needed skills to complete your project. Click Machining Equipment List to see details of the machining equipment available at BARN.

Open Studios in the Metal Fabrication Shops:
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Contact: Studio Lead – David Hays
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