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Metal Fabrication – Foundry


Foundry Arts

BARN Metal Fabrication Studio offers Foundry Arts, the opportunity to participate and experience hands-on foundry work.

Foundries produce castings of both art and utility. In both cases the process is comprised of three principal steps:

  1. Make a Pattern – A pattern of the desired casting can be made using any of a number of mediums including wood, wax, foam, plaster, and printing with special 3D filaments.
  2. Pour the Casting – The casting mold is created with the pattern in which molten metal is poured into a green sand mold.
  3. Finish the Casting – Various unwanted parts (sprue’s, gates, runners) are cut away from the casting. It’s then ground and surfaced to a desired shape and texture. Patinas are applied to most art pieces, while castings of utility are also usually finished to consistent luster or texture.

With the guidance of experienced instructors, participants learn the basic skills of sand casting through each of the three steps in various classes. With skills gained from these classes, Open Studio events are available. Learning the skills of sand casting is a key element in building a skill-base in other casting techniques such as lost wax investment and ceramic shell casting.

Bronze sculptures by Mario Oblak

BARN’s Foundry Arts program is in its early stages of development with plans for future growth. Jump in, get your hands dirty, experience the magic of pouring molten bronze and aluminum, and then see the results of your pattern be manifested in permanent form. Using imagination, developing skills, and working with a team are all ingredients for a great experience. Join us!

Contact: Studio Lead – David Hays
[email protected]