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Metal Fabrication

BARN is pleased to be able to offer classes in Metal Machining, Welding and Sheet Metal.  We also offer Forging and Knife Making classes offsite in collaboration with Alchemy Industrial Arts. Our well equipped shops are staffed with teachers having collectively many years of experience. Our goal is for you to enjoy learning about the machines and processes that will allow you to create metal objects of utility and beauty. 

Come and take classes that will teach you the basics and get you familiar with our machines and processes. With enough experience, you can join our open studios to work on your own projects with qualified folks on hand to help.


The machine tools in Bar’s Machining Studio allow you to cut metal or plastic to create objects of your own design, such as spinning tops, hammers, boat parts, automotive parts and complex mechanisms such as Stirling engines or whatever you imagine. “If you can’t find it in the hardware store, you can make it at BARN.”

Machining Studio Equipment List

  • Drill press
  • Cut off saw
  • Vertical band saw
  • Medium-size milling machine with Digital Position Indicators (DRO)
  • Lagun FT-1 milling machine (Bridgeport style) with DRO
  • SERVO bed mill with Centroid-based CNC control
  • GTCNC lathe with Centroid-based CNC control
  • Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
  • Clausing 13” lathe
  • Boyar Shultz 6 x 18 hydraulic surface grinder
  • Surface plates, height gauges and many precision measuring tools
  • Cutting and hand tools

Machining Open Studios

  • Saturday mornings — 10:00 AM -12:30 PM
  • Wednesday evenings — 6:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Fix it Saturday — Second Saturday of the month. Bring in that thing for repair.


The Jack Archer Welding Studio (JAWS) is the place to cut and join steel and aluminum to make functional as well as decorative items. The plasma cutting machines let you hand-cut sheet metal to make signs, art pieces and parts. The CNC plasma cutter allows you to go from a computer-based design to a cut piece. And welding lets you join the metals. Light forging and bending can be done with the Oxy Acetylene rigs.

Welding Studio Equipment List

  • Four student welding stations with TIG and MIG capability using the latest Miller 215 MIG and TIG welders.
  • Instructor station with TIG and MIG capability
  • Plasma cutting table with manual and CNC cutting
  • Hand and pedestal grinding equipment
  • Two Oxyacetylene rigs
  • Floor model drill press
  • Vertical band saw
  • Horizontal band saw
  • Hoods, gloves and other safety equipment

Welding Assisted Studios

  • Fix it Saturday — Second Saturday of the month. Bring in that thing for repair.
  • Open Studio – Saturday mornings  10:00 AM -12:30 PM

Sheet Metal

The studio is the place to make all kinds of shapes out of sheet metal. Stars, cookie cutters, cylinders, boxes, kinetic sculptures or what ever you imagine that can come from cutting and bending thin metal.

Sheet Metal Studio Equipment List

  • Jump shear (3’ wide)
  • Bending brake (42” wide)
  • Roller (3’ wide)
  • Spot welder
  • Planishing hammer for flattening metal
  • Two English wheels for curving metal by judicious stretching
  • Stretcher for making convex bends
  • Shrinker for making concave bends
  • Scroll work tools for gates, fences, etc.
  • Layout tools and hand tools

Sheet Metal Open Studios

  • Fix it Saturday — Fourth Saturday of the month. Bring in that thing for repair.
  • Regular Hours: Coming soon…


Forging is the process of heating metal to the point it softens so that it can be formed by hammering, bending or other methods. Knife making can be done this way. BARN and Alchemy Industrial Arts offer classes through BARN that are held at Alchemy for Blacksmithing and Traditional Knife Making. BARN also offers a class in Gourmet Knife Making that’s held at Alchemy.


Contact Us

To learn more and join the fun, contact us: For general Metal Fabrication questions or suggestions, use this form to email David Hays, the Metal Fabrication studios lead.

Machining: David Hays and Peter Moseley

Welding: Henry Sharpe,  Bob Mathisrud or Dave Roe

Sheet Metal: Chris Stanley Linda Sohlberg

Forging: Jeremy Loerch

Foundry: Frank Worden, Jeff Oens, or Mario Oblak

Metal Fabrication Studio Phones: 206-842-4475 Machine Shop: ext. 207 Welding & Sheet Metal Shop: ext. 208

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