Metal Arts

Hardinge Tool Room Lathe

The Metal Arts Studios will include a well equipped machine shop, sheet metal shop and welding shop. Formal classes will be offered to learn how to safely use the machines and they will be open to qualified persons during Open Studio Time. We will have sheet metal classes starting in May and machining will be ramping up starting in June. Welding will take a little longer to get going. Stay tuned!

The Machine Shop Studio will include:

  • Drill Press
  • Cut off Saw
  • VerticalBand Saw
  • Medium size Manual Milling machine with Digital Read Out (DRO)
  • Lagun FT-1 Milling Machine (Bridgeport Style) with DRO
  • Servo SAM V manual, power feed and CNC bed mill
  • Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
  • Rockwell 14” lathe
  • Boyar-Shultz 6 x 18 hydraulic surface grinder
  • Surface plate, height gauges and precision measuring tools
  • Cutting tools and Hand tools

The Sheet Metal Studio will include:

  • 4’ jump shear
  • 4’ pan brake
  • Pyramid roller
  • Spot welder
  • English wheel
  • Planishing hammer
  • Layout table

The Welding studio will include:

  • 4 student welding stations with TIG and MIG capability
  • 2 Instructor stations with TIG and MIG capability
  • 1 plasma cutter and grinding station
  • 2 OxyAcetylene rigs

To learn more and join the fun, contact us:

  • For general Metal Arts questions or suggestions, use this form to email Peter Moseley, the MA studio lead.
  • If you are interested specifically in welding programs, email Henry Sharpe.
  • For sheet metal programs, email Jack Archer.
  • For metal machining programs, email Stan Stumbo.