Metal Fabrication

We are now offering classes in Sheet Metal, Metal Machining and Welding in our well equipped shops. Our goal is for you to enjoy learning about the machines and process that will allow you to create metal objects of utility and beauty. Our well equipped shops have the classic machines for shearing, bending, spot welding, turning, milling, drilling, sawing, grinding. The welding studio is equipped the latest Miller 215  MIG and TIG welders.

In addition we have a CNC milling machine for making complex shapes and are offering classes in writing G-code, and using Fusion 360 to visualize and realize your designs. We are also building a CNC plasma cutting table for sheet metal work. CNC classes are  now offered. Check out the CNC cookbook link below for lots of CNC related information.

Sources of Metal

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CNC Blogs

To learn more and join the fun, contact us:

  • For general Metal Fabrication questions or suggestions, use this form to email Peter Moseley, the Metal Fabrication studios lead.
  • If you are interested specifically in welding programs, email
    Henry Sharpe.
  • For sheet metal programs, email
    Henry Sharpe.
  • For metal machining programs, email
    Stan Stumbo.


Metal Fabrication Studio Phones: 206-842-4475
Machine Shop: ext. 207
Welding & Sheet Metal Shop: ext. 208