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Glass Arts

Glass is about light—light striking the surface—its reflection, its absorption, its transmission. In the Glass Arts Studio a simple mixture of silicates becomes art. In a kiln, it can be fused or cast into a mold. It can be torch flame worked to create beads or sculpture. Set into a lead frame, it is called stained glass – and arranged and grouted, it is a mosaic. It can be cold worked with grinders, saws, sanders, and drills to create a stunning desired effect.

To form their visions, studio members have access to a variety of equipment, including dedicated fusing kilns, bead kilns, a vitrograph kiln, a Fordom flexible shaft, ring saw, grinders, a 14” wet saw and a belt sander. Soon to come: Bead/sculptural torches, lap grinder.  And while we’ve been closed due to the pandemic, we are beginning to book skilled teachers to show you how to use all of it. To find out about upcoming classes and Open Studios, check the Glass Arts Studio Calendar.

Monitored Open Studio Time

Glass Fusing at BARNThe Glass Studio is once again open for Open Studio use!  BARN members and non-members can register online for Monitored Open Studios provided they have completed the appropriate A-Z introduction class or been otherwise authorized by the Glass Arts Studio.  BARN members may access Open Studios for free and non-members pay $20 per session.  Studio use is limited to the specific areas and equipment which the individual has been authorized to access.

A monitor is present to answer questions. If your work needs to be fired in the kiln, fill out the proper paperwork and discuss the firing with the monitor. Leave your work on the shelf.

  • Please read the Glass Arts Studio 2021 Safety Procedures
  • Always clean your work space and return all tools and supplies to their proper location.
  • Toolboxes are available for your use.
  • The grinder and ring saw are available for use. Please dispose of the waste appropriately.

Glass Compatibility 

Never mix glasses of different COE’s!

Coefficient Of  Expansion = COE

BARN Fusing Studio

System 96 COE 


System 104 COE

Lampworked Sculptures

Borosilicate/Pyrex  System 33 COE


  Glass Arts Studio Steering Committee:

Jackie Bailey, Julie Dougherty, Lisa Lund, Anne Miller, Donna Rogers, Donna Rulien, Jim Washington

Contact the Glass Arts Studio.

Glass Arts Studio Phone: 206-842-4475, ext. 212

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Glass Arts Studio Standard Operating Procedures

Where to Buy Glass, Molds, and Glass Supplies

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