Print & Book Arts Studio Safety Protocols - BARN

Print & Book Arts Studio Safety Protocols

Follow all policies and procedures for the Print & Book Arts Open Studios.  Detailed information will be provided by Open Studio Monitors when you arrive.  Only members may register for Open Studios; general access to the studio is not available at this time.

In order to keep the Print & Book Arts Studio as safe an environment as possible during COVID-19 restrictions, each participant will undergo a brief reorientation on their first entry to the studio this year. The following rules and protocols will be discussed along with a brief tour of the new layout of the studio. Each participant will sign and date the Print & Book Arts Safety Protocols; indicating their commitment to observe and operate under these rules.

  • Feeling Healthy – Only visit BARN when you are in TOP-FORM. If you feel less than well, do not come to BARN. You agree to be queried about your health on every visit, and answer openly.
  • Registration is required for Monitored Open Studios — No Walk-ins. Limited to 4 attendees.
  • Wear masks over mouth and nose at all times while in the studio. Wash hands and/or sanitize frequently. Face shields are available to borrow while working in the studio. They are not intended to replace masks but can be used along with them.
  • Fob in for every Open Studio even if the door is open.
  • Sign in and out in the P&BA Studio Binder for every Open Studio attended for studio record-keeping and contact tracing purposes.
  • Sign-In on the sheet located on the press you are using. Only members certified to use specific presses will be allowed to operate them.
  • If, after starting work at your station, you find you are not comfortable with the new Covid 19 protocols for the studio or being around others for the full studio time period, you must continue to follow the clean-up procedures and check out with the monitor before leaving.
  • Stay physically distanced from others at all times and wait your turn when moving about the studio to use presses and facilities.
  • Keep all hand tools used during an Open Studio at your work space.
  • If you feel your space is being encroached upon, SAY SO.
  • If you observe nonconforming behavior, notify the monitor.
  • When preparing to leave: clean, rinse and disinfect equipment, face shields, tool kits and work stations. For large equipment, clean the handles and any parts that you may have touched. Vacuum floor in and around your work station. Check out with the monitor when leaving.