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Submitting & Managing Classes

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Submitting Classes &
Managing Students






    ONLINE Classes



Submitting Classes for Posting

Submitting Classes for Website

Please submit your class posting requests using Google Forms. This form is very easy to use. It can be accessed here.
If you would like a printable list of criteria for review you can click:
Class Submission Questions-Printable

Photos are the first thing that website users see. Make sure it represents the item you are making clearly and colorfully. Please submit photos that are of clear quality and at least 1200 x 1200 pixels. When you are sending via email sometimes your email client will ask if you want to send a small file or large. Always choose large. Make sure your lens is clean. Ensure that your item is well lit by an outside source. For items that will lay flat while photographing, please opt for a white background.

ONLINE Class Guidelines

Online classes are approached differently than in-studio classes. Please click here to view a document on planning an online class.
Please have all handouts that need to be emailed to students ready to go prior to submitting your class. These handouts are pre-programmed in the email reminder that goes to the students one day prior to the class starting.


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Cancelling OR Postponing Classes

Guidelines for Canceling a Class or Event

Please notify Tammie or Shelley if you want to cancel a class.

  • State the reason you are cancelling. For example, the instructor will not be available, or because of low enrollment. Please note that we do not tell our registrants “because of health reasons”, we just say the instructor is unavailable. It is important that you allow us to process the class cancellation.
  • We will notify the students and offer to refund their tuition or allow them to keep it in their BARN account as a credit. It is imperative that we contact them through our Wild Apricot system database so that we have a record and can monitor the responses and process the request.

If you are postponing the class and have a new date already scheduled, please let us know. We will then notify all the students to give them the option of attending the new date. Again, please allow us to contact the students.


BARN’s Cancellation Policy

BARN’s official cancellation policy is:
“To cancel your registration, please notify the Registrar by phone at (206) 842-4475 x216 or email [email protected] at least four (4) days prior to the class/event start date (unless stated otherwise in the class description and registration) in order to receive a credit or refund. Registrar hours are M-F, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.”

This cancellation policy is at the top of the screen when they register AND in the registration confirmation email the participant receives after registering. It is also in the event reminder email that goes out 5 days prior to the class start date. This email is to remind the student that they have a class coming up and to provide the opportunity to cancel their registration in the appropriate time frame.

There are some classes or events that require a longer time frame to cancel registration in order to receive a refund. This may be due to the fact that you have a traveling instructor or the contract with the instructor states their time frame for cancelling a class. For these special situations, the registration form is programmed so that when the student registers they are required to check an ‘I understand’ box to be sure they understand that for that class BARN is deviating from the standard policy.

For example, some are 14 days prior to the class start date. This is so that the minimum number of students (and tuition) to hold the class will be maintained so that the class can go forward. Staff sticks closely to this policy. It doesn’t matter if we have a waitlist, we still expect students to adhere to the policy. The only exception to this is if the registration cancellation was due to a medical emergency. This reason is something we can’t really validate and don’t want to penalize a student because of it.

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Contacting Students

Contacting Registrants of a Class

Please email your studio support coordinator to contact your students regarding anything to do with a posted class. This allows us to send it as an official BARN email. More importantly it allows us to keep a record in our database of all emails sent for the class, who received it and who opened it. This way, when a student contacts us we are able to trace the information that was sent to them. If you send it using a private email address, sometimes staff is caught unaware of an email thread sent personally by you and this impedes our ability to answer questions when they call or email us.

Important note:
If you have specific supplies or items that need to be brought to the class they are attending, please let us know what that is during the class website posting process. We will include the list of what to bring or prepare for so that it appears in the student’s event registration confirmation email. This way they get the information as soon as they have registered and paid for the class.

If an instructor would like to give any other information or support to the currently registered students, please allow the front office to email the students. This not only keeps the front office in the loop to better answer questions or inquiries but it also allows us to keep a database record of what was communicated to each student, whether they received the email and if they opened it. When it is done this way, each class has its own record in our database of what was emailed to the registrants. This method also ensures that emails to students are delivered to their in box. Sometimes when it comes from a random instructor email address it goes to their spam folder.

Please have the instructor email us the verbiage/email content they would like to send to students. Staff will create a draft email with that information and send a copy to the instructor or studio programming person for review and approval. Then staff will deploy the email. Emails will have the “reply to” set to go directly to the instructor. This way when students have a question for the instructor, it will go directly to them.

Thank you for your cooperation on this!

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Handouts for Online Classes

Class Handouts for ONLINE Classes

Please have electronic handouts completed with your request to have the class published to our website. These documents should be emailed to your studio support coordinator.

It is important to include them in the request to publish the class to our website so that emails can be set up to deploy to the students with the handouts they will need to participate in the class. Please submit handouts as a MS Word Doc OR PDF. Handouts will be converted to a PDF. Even if your class is months away, please avoid sending them to your studio support coordinator at a later date as these electronic documents often get forgotten about until the last minute. Classes run smoother if all the “boxes have already been checked” and set up.

If you have questions, please contact your studio support coordinator.

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Kits for Mailing to Students

Kit Preparation and Mailing for Online Classes

Guidelines for Shipping Kits for Online Classes

  • Please have your kit material ready to ship 14 days prior to the class start date.
  • All kits will be mailed via USPS. It is too difficult to manage a choice of picking up or mailing. We can accommodate a special request from a registrant to pick up at BARN but we will not be offering it in the description of the class.
  • Please decide if the kit will fit in a bubble envelope or must go in a box. Please see prices below.
  • Registration should close 10 business days (or 14 days before class start date) prior to class start date to ensure kits are received by registrants in time for the class. Please take this time frame limitation into consideration when requesting classes to be posted. Allow enough time for the class to be published and the day registration will close. This is a minimum of 6 weeks out.
  • Kits will not be mailed on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.
  • You can get boxes or envelopes from your studio support coordinator. Please package all boxes appropriately, and tape them up. Please let your studio support coordinator know when your packages are ready. You also have the option of ordering a supply of flat rate boxes from USPS for free. To order your flat rate boxes click here.
  • Packaging paper/stuffing and tape is available.
  • The front office will take care of attaching address labels and getting your packages to the post office. Please leave packages open so that we can insert a cover letter.  An automatic email notification to the registrant with a tracking number is provided so they can track their package.
    There are five size choices of boxes available for flat rate shipping of kits or materials. Sizes below are outside dimensions. A Priority Flat Rate Mail box will allow you to ship anything at the set mailing rate, as long as it fits within the box. The USPS Priority package must be able to close within its normal folds and cannot have modifications that enable the box to hold more than intended. There is also a weight limit of 70 pounds for standard Flat Rate boxes.

Small: 8-11/16″ Long x 5-7/16″ Wide x 1-3/4″ High  Cost: $10
Medium (side loading): 11-1/4″ Long x 8-3/4″ Wide x 6″ High   Cost $15
Medium (top loading):  12″ Long x 3-1/2″ Wide x 14-1/8″ High  Cost $15
Large1: 12-1/4″ Long x 12-1/4″ Wide x 6″ High   Cost: $20
Large2: 24-1/16″ x 11-7/8″ x 3-1/8″   Cost $20

    Padded envelopes are available in the sizes below. Generally, depending on the weight and destination it cost about $4 to $6 to mail these. Dimensions below are outside dimensions.

Please calculate the cost of shipping separately from the materials fee when you submit a class for posting. This allows bookkeeping to separate out shipping fees from material fees. The materials fee and shipping fee will be totaled into the price of tuition for the student.

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Student Rosters for Classes

Rosters for Your Class

Rosters for ONLINE classes: Rosters will be emailed to the Lead or Program Coordinator, the instructor and the Liaison/Zoom Host, a day or two prior to the class start date.

In-studio class event rosters are printed the day before the class. Rosters can be found in the studio mailbox on the upper floor by the big copier.
All rosters have the date they were printed on them. Sometimes people register just before the class so a name may not appear on the roster. Please add the student name and an email address to the roster then return it to the mailbox for your studio support coordinator located on the upper floor near the copier. Staff will check to see if the student had registered after the roster was printed. If not, we will contact the student and email an invoice.

Important note: Please do NOT share student email addresses or phone numbers with instructors. If instructors want to contact students registered for their BARN class, please see Contacting Students for guidance.

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Class Waitlists

Waitlist Management of Your Classes

We will contact students signed on the waitlist whenever there is a registrant cancellation. 

We will also email waitlisted students if the class gets offered again at a later date. When the class is posted, we go back to the waitlist and send an email so that they have first dibs on signing up. Program coordinators and leads are added to that email so that you know the email was sent.

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Wild Apricot Database


Checking Enrollment For Your Classes

Studio Leads and Programming Coordinators, can be set up for view only access to our database. This will enable you to view enrollment for your classes or any contact information about a student. The contact information available (emails, phone numbers, financial information) is private and contact information should not be exported to instructors or used for non BARN purposes.

You will receive an email 7 days prior to the class reminding you to check enrollment. This will give enough time to either reschedule the class or cancel it if needed.

Please go through the front office to have staff contact the registrants in regards to any class topics. This is in order to maintain consistency and a professional front. It is always best to have the emails officially come from BARN rather than a personal email account. Staff uses the Wild Apricot database email features in order to track when emails were delivered and if the recipient opened the email. When it is done this way, each class has its own record of what was emailed to the registrants.

Admin Read Only Access is assigned after you have completed a 15 minute training. Please send requests to Program Director to [email protected]. 

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Available Extra Rooms For Classes

Additional Rooms To Hold Your Classes at BARN

BARN has available three additional spaces to hold your classes. The Great Room located on the upper floor, the small classroom located on the lower level, and 2 outdoor classrooms under canopies. To reserve the small classroom, great room or tents for anything BARN related to your class, meeting or event, please contact your studio support coordinator to properly check for availability before you schedule with your instructors. 

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Serving Food Or Beverages for Any Event at BARN

Food and Beverage Policies and Guidelines

If you would like to serve food or beverages in your studio or at a studio sponsored class/event, please follow the guidelines found in this document. This information is important so that BARN complies with WA State Health Department and/or Liquor Board guidelines. Please contact Meghan Males at [email protected] to ensure a successful compliant event. 

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Summer Youth

Summer Youth Programs Plan

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