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Jewelry-Making Certificate Program


The Jewelry Making Certificate prepares students for entry-level jobs in the jewelry industry. This program illuminates pathways for careers in jewelry design, fabrication, restoration, and repair. There are additional opportunities in gemology, lapidary, stone setting, computer aided design and additive manufacturing.

A Jewelry Making Certificate graduate will be able to demonstrate to any jewelry business owner a command of all the safety procedures and tool use protocols required to perform basic jewelry processes, such as torch use, sawing, casting, soldering, buffing, plating, CNC mill use, lathe use, and etching.

Fall Quarter

During fall quarter, students focus on learning the safe and efficient applications of torches and power tools while developing hand skills. Classes include training on industrial machines such as the lathe and standard mill and in high tech skills using 3D printing and laser cutter applications for jewelry making. Students learn to sketch and make detailed design drawings that they use to create multiple independently designed projects. Students have access to the studio’s open studio time to work on projects.

Winter Quarter

During winter quarter, students focus on expanding skills through classes on specific techniques presented by renowned regional artists. Software skill acquisition, 3D printing for lost wax casting, and CNC milling are practiced through multiple projects. Students gain additional experience by participating in the studio’s community service project with the Seattle Metals Guild Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project and acting as Studio Safety Monitors.

Spring Quarter

During spring quarter, students focus on learning business skills and documenting the projects created throughout the course while students continue to acquire and refine their hand fabrication and casting skills. To conclude the certificate program, students learn to create an online portfolio of their work. This portfolio is submitted for review by instructors and can later be shown to prospective employers or clients as evidence of the certificate holder’s skills.

Nanz Aalund


The next 9-month session will begin in September 2021. Scholarships are available. Download an application form here. For more information, call Certificate Program Coordinator Nanz Aalund at 206-842-4475 or email her at