Metal Fabrication Studio Safety Protocols - BARN

Metal Fabrication Studio Safety Protocols

BARN Metal-Fab Operating Protocols for Reentry Under Covid-19 Restrictions

 In order to make the Metal Fab Shops as safe an environment as possible during the COVID-19 restrictions, each person will undergo a reorientation prior to their first entry where the following rules and protocols will be discussed. When you arrive for open studio, each person will sign and date this agreement below, committing to observe and operate under these rules and protocols.

  1. Accept Responsibility – If you are not comfortable in being around others following the same rules, it is your responsibility to withdraw and reenter when you feel the time is right for yourself.
  2. Feeling Healthy – Only visit BARN when you are in TOP-FORM. If you feel less than well, do not come to BARN. You agree to be queried about your health on every visit, and answer openly.
  3. Common Sense – It would seem that in most all of Metal-Fab, maintaining 6-10 feet of separation is going to be a real challenge, if not impossible. Therefore, we will operate under the principle of common sense.
  4. Wear your Mask over your nose and mouth at All Times – no exceptions.
  5. Wash your hands before entering any Metal-Fab shop.
  6. Don’t Crowd – Separate by a distance the space allows… do respect the intent of separation – do not invade another’s Personal Safe-space.
  7. When you need to move to another location, take the path of least resistance.
  8. Wait for others to pass – avoid/don’t cause congested traffic.
  9. While observing another, stand away as much as the space will allow.
  10. If you feel your space is being encroached upon, SAY SO.
  11. If you observe nonconforming behavior, notify the monitor.
  12. Required PPE – (Personal Protective Equipment) and safety glasses.
  13. Face Mask (N95, KN95, or home-made), worn over nose and mouth.
  14. Optional equipment includes Nitrile Gloves and Face Shield.


Open Studio

  • Registration is required for Open Studio – No Walk-ins
  • Over-Subscribed Queue – BARN Admin will manage over-subscription and notification of who’s up next.
  • Sanitizing Workspaces and Tools – Each member is responsible for, and commits to cleaning their workspace and the tools used.
  • Keep all hand tools used during a machine session at your machine or bench.
  • Assure all tools are sanitized before returning to their homes
  • For large equipment, clean the handles and any parts that you may have touched prior to handing off to another, or when it will be out of your immediate domain.
  • Wear gloves when cleaning tools.
  • Assure sanitized gloves are used when putting sanitized tools away.


Contact: Studio Lead, David Hays at [email protected]