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Promoting Your Classes
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Studio Specific Newsletter

Studio Newsletter Blasts

Each studio is encouraged to send emails to their special interest group containing information about classes, events, or any general news. Generally, your studio newsletters go out the second full week and/or the fourth week of the month. It is easiest for studios if you send the verbiage you want in the newsletter to Tammie or Shelley in a simple email with the things you would like to highlight. The newsletter will be created and then a copy for your approval will be sent before it is deployed to your special interest group (SIG).  All studio newsletter blasts are reviewed and then deployed by your studio support coordinator. Review is to check links, formatting, and date to blast out. Please check the internal BARN Marketing and Promotion calendar for exact dates.

Why Are There Specific Weeks to Deploy a Studio Newsletter?

The reason for specific weeks is to cut down on the number of emails that our BARN contacts receive in a given week. For example, BARN sends a classes and events email two times a month to over 9,500+ contacts. The BARN-wide emails have the classes listed in them for the upcoming 4 week period. We have found that if we do not spread out our email blasts, people end up feeling overwhelmed by the amount of email they get from BARN. Sometimes when they get inundated with emails, they will click on the “unsubscribe” link required by law to have in these email blasts. This then removes them from any email blasts they get from BARN.  We have been able to document that when we spread out the timing of these email blasts, fewer people click that unsubscribe button. Cooperating with the BARN email blast schedule benefits your studio in the long run.

How Are Studio Special Interest Group Contacts Generated?

Contacts for your special interest group are generated from a checklist option when the person either registers for a class, becomes a member or accesses the “sign up for our newsletters” link at the bottom of the opening page of our website. This feature allows people to choose the studio-specific newsletter they would like to receive. Your studio support coordinator can provide you with the number of people that are currently signed up in your studio’s special interest group.

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BARN Newsletters – Emailed to about 10,000 Contacts twice a month

BARN Newsletters are sent by BARN twice a month. Usually on Fridays of the first full week of the month and the third full week of the month.

News – Classes – Events Newsletter

The newsletter sent at the beginning of the month is: News, Classes & Events. It features general news at BARN at the top and then focuses on four classes with photos. Then there is a chronological by date order of classes being offered at BARN. The classes that are coming up for the next 3-4 week window are included in this chronological list. For example, if the newsletter is going to be deployed on Friday, June 3rd, it will list classes from June 4th through about June 30.


Class & Event Spotlight

The newsletter sent on the third week of the month is: Class & Event Spotlight. This newsletter has a feature article at the top usually highlighting a special event or volunteer at BARN. Then it is formatted by studio blocks with class listings for each studio. The classes that are coming up for the next 3-4 week window are included in this chronological list. For example, if the newsletter is going to be deployed on Friday, June 17th, it will list classes from June 18th through about July 9th.


Please note that the deadline to have classes posted is the 25th of the previous month for any classes happening the next month. Deadlines are clearly marked on our internal BARN Marketing and Promotion calendar. Ideally, you will schedule classes at least 8-12 weeks (2 to 3 months) out from the time you have submitted them. This ensures that your classes will get lots of promotions through all the avenues we have available.

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BARN Flyer Newspaper Insert

BARN Color Flyer for Local Newspapers

Once a month we create a color flyer that gets inserted in the Kitsap County local newspapers. This flyer is four pages (or double-sided tabloid size – 11 x 17) and gets inserted in the newspapers on the last week of the month. On the front, we feature special events that are happening at BARN. On the other pages, we feature a few of the classes we are offering in each of the studios. There isn’t enough room to list all your classes, so we will pick ones that often need the extra boost. Please note that any classes that are displayed on the back side of that printed sheet are classes that have already been posted on our website about two months before the insert hits the papers. We have a physical printing deadline that is weeks before the printed insert appears in the newspapers. It is also possible that between the printer’s deadline and when the insert gets printed, one of your classes may have been canceled during that time.

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