Jewelry & Fine Metal Arts Studio Safety Protocols - BARN

Jewelry & Fine Metal Arts Studio Safety Protocols

BARN-wide policies

  • Wash or sanitize your hands when you enter BARN and/or the studio.
  • Wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing (6 feet) as much as possible.
  • Use only beverage containers with lids and keep them at your bench.
  • Eat outside of BARN. Don’t eat in the studio.



We use alcohol or Clorox Wipes to clean tools, equipment, and surfaces. When the studio is open, the spray bottles and Wipes are kept near the sinks.

  • Do not spray alcohol near an open flame.
  • Do not place a bottle of alcohol near a torch. Return the bottle to the sink area.


How to work in the studio

The monitor will assist you in finding the bench that is closest to the tools or equipment that you will be using.

  • Use cloth towels to dry your work or clean up lapidary work. You must bring your own cloth towels or purchase them from the studio.
  • Please use paper towels for hand drying only and DO NOT bring them back to the bench.
  • Be aware of where others are in the room when you move around the studio.
  • When using the tools that are positioned around the perimeter of the studio, use them as quickly as possible and stay facing away from people using nearby benches.
  • Using a Clorox Wipe, clean the handle of the rolling mill, hydraulic press, or other tool after you finish using it.

Cleaning up at the end of the class or open studio

IMPORTANT! BEFORE CLEANING TOOLS AT YOUR BENCH: You or the Monitor must turn off and bleed the fuel and oxygen lines at your bench.

Cleaning your bench area

  • Clean off your benchtop, sweep the bench tray, sweep or vacuum under the bench, wipe the bench top off with alcohol.
  • Take any personal trash and recycle items home with you.
  • Place any studio-related trash and recycle in the bins provided.