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Wish List Item Descriptions

Tags 1-2: Magnifying Lamps

These lamps allow better visibility for close-up work. $140 each.

Tag 3: Community Dyeing Supplies 

Dyeing supplies include mordants, tannins, soda ash, acid dyes, and more. Goal: $300

Tags 4 -5: Leclerc Fly Shuttles

These will be used with the loom that was donated to BARN. $300 each.

Tags 6-7: Manual Drum Carder

A table-top machine to be used to prepare fiber for spinning. Item cost: $750

Tags 8-9: Carpenter Squares

L-shaped Aluminum Carpenter measuring tool 16″ x 24″. $20 each

Tag 10: Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

A foldable 4-harness loom perfect for teaching beginning floor loom weaving. Item cost: $2500

Tag 11: Diamond Cone Lap Attachments
Lap wheel attachments to bevel and finish inside edges to cups, bowls, etc. $130

Tags 12-13: Ballchain Spool
A mosaic-making staple! $75 each

Tags 13-18: LED Light Table
For fine stained glass work. Item cost: $350

Tag 19: Horizontal Wet Saw
Used for removing dropout rims and many other coldworking jobs. Item cost: $750

Tag 20: Flower Brass Masher
Flameworking hand tool for creating fine glass flowers. $75

Tag 21: Raw Silk Texturing Hammer
Texture any metal (copper, silver, gold). $80

Tag 22: Crosshatch Texturing Hammer
Texture any metal (copper, silver, gold). $90

Tags 23-24: Raw Silk Cross-peen Hammer
Texture any metal (copper, silver, gold). Item cost: $100

Tags 25-29: Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200 Smoker
High-quality smoker for long smokes like pork shoulder and brisket. Item cost: $2200

Tags 57-58: Video Lighting
Replace the studio’s compact fluorescent video lights with LED lights. Goal: $200

Tags 59-61: Studio Lighting
Continue the studio’s upgrade with improved lighting. Goal: $500

Tag 30: Drill Press Laser Finder
Facilitate accurate location of drilled holes. $50

Tag 31: Parallel Set – 1/32″ thick
Elevate a workpiece a specific distance. This thin set would allow work to be done close to the edge of a workpiece. $50

Tags 32-33: Chasing Hammers
Shaping hammers allow the forming of metal (using an anvil) in artful, organic shapes. $75 each

Tags 34-35: Small Anvils
This anvil is 14 inches long weighing 22 pounds, used to shape sheet metal with a chasing hammer. $50 each


Tag 36: Foundry Casting Flasks
Materials to fabricate four 16″ X 6″ X 3″ flasks for casting large objects in the foundry. $140

Tags 37-41: Takach Etching Press
Replace the studio’s broken tabletop press. Goal: $6000

Tag 42: AxiDraw V3
High performance writing and drawing machine. $550

Tag 43-46: HEPA Air Purifier for Laser Fumes
Increase safety and quality of environment in the Tech Lab. $480


Tag 47: Cricut Explore Air2
Craft cutting tool, makes personalized designs with bluetooth connectivity. $250


Tag 48: 3D Printer Filament – Black
1 KG of professional 3D printer glass-infilled filament. $45


Tag 49: Printer
Replace broken studio printer. $225

Tag 50: Table lamp
Improve studio lighting. $200

Tags 51-53: Magazine Subscriptions
Two-year subscription to Poets and Writers ($26), one-year subscription to Creative Nonfiction ($40), or one-year subscription to Writer’s Digest ($20).

Tags 54-55: Scroll Saw
Grizzly 16-inch scroll saws will be utilized for youth woodworking classes. $179 each.

Tag 56: Scroll Saw Blades
Scroll saw blade assortment pack. $30.