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General Studio Resources

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Studio Meetings,
Procedures, Forms
and Miscellaneous







Class Posting Submission Worksheet Form
Accident Report Form
Course evaluation form as 
Word doc (editable) or pdf

Open Studio Sign-In Sheet for Drop-ins
Emergency Contact Form (rev. 10-20-17)
Reimbursement Request Form
In-Kind Gift Acceptance Form

Waiver Form (for 18+)
Minor to Participate in BARN Program Release Form
(includes photo release) 


Studio Leads Meetings

Monthly Meetings with Executive Director


Meetings are held the first Monday of each month from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. This is the Monthly Meeting of the Studio Leads with the Executive Director, selected Staff members, and the occasional invited guest(s). This gives studio leads the opportunity to meet and share with each other about the challenges and successes of running a studio. The Executive Director facilitates these meetings and will distribute an agenda via email. Amy questions, please contact [email protected]


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Programming Coordinators Meeting

Monthly Meetings with Program Director, Program Communications Manager, and Studio Support Coordinators

Meetings are held the third Monday of each month via Zoom from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM for all studio programming coordinators. This meeting is with Program Director-Jess Henderson and the Studio Support Coordinators. This gives studio programming coordinators the opportunity to discuss any challenges with creating classes, recruiting instructors, discuss upcoming BARN wide functions, and to generally share with each other. The Program Director facilitates these meetings and will distribute an agenda via email. 


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Studio Treasurer Meeting

Monthly Meetings with BARN Treasurer and Bookkeeper

Meetings are held  via Zoom each month for your studio treasurer. This meeting is with BARN’s treasurer, Els Heyne, and our bookkeeper, Meghan Males. This meeting invites treasurers to generally share with each other. The BARN Treasurer facilitates these meetings and will distribute an agenda via email. 

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BARN Internal Phone System

BARN Phone System

Each studio is provided a phone and extension for the public to contact you. You have the option to listen to your voicemail in the studio, via an email alert that is sent to the Lead or you can call a special number from outside BARN. 

Emailed Alert: The system will email your studio lead email account as soon as a voicemail is recorded on your extension. You can listen to the voicemail by logging in directly to your *studio*[email protected] email account. Please note that listening to the voicemail in your email does not delete it from your studio phone. 

After receiving this email, you also can go directly to your voicemail inbox by calling a special number from any phone outside of BARN to reach your studio internal voicemail.

From outside Barn: Call 206-502-2345 and press 1 to access your voicemail remotely. You will hear a prompt that says “Comedian Mail” (odd, I know) and then a prompt to enter your studio extension. It will then prompt you to enter the 4 digit numeric password (if one was set).

You can then listen to all your voicemail. To hear the “message envelope” that gives you the day and time the call comes in and the phone number, touch 33. If you do not delete the message (touch 7 to delete), it will remain on your phone in the studio.

In the Studio: Directions on accessing your voicemail is posted near the phone. Press *98 and then enter your studio 4 digit numeric password. Follow the verbal prompts to hear the voicemail. To hear the ‘timestamp’ of the voicemail, press “33”. This will give you the date, time, and the phone number of the caller.

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Wild Apricot Database


Read-only Admin Access to Wild Apricot Database

Studio Leads and Programming Coordinators, can be set up for view only access to our database. This will enable you to view enrollment for your classes or any contact information about a student. The contact information available (emails, phone numbers, financial information) is private and contact information should not be exported and used for non BARN purposes.

Please go through the front office to have staff contact the registrants in regards to any class topics. This is in order to maintain consistency and a professional front. It is always best to have the emails officially come from BARN rather than a personal email account. Staff uses the Wild Apricot database email features in order to track when emails were delivered and if the recipient opened the email. When it is done this way, each class has its own record of what was emailed to the registrants.

Admin Read Only Access is assigned after you have completed a 15 minute training. Please send requests to Program Director, Jess Henderson at [email protected]. 


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BARN Annual Events


BARN-wide Annual Events Calendar

Monday, February 22, Community Meeting 4-5:30pm (on Zoom) 

Saturday, March 6, Online Fundraiser (with silent auction March 1-6)

Sunday, March 28, afternoon time TBD, Online Spring Sampler? – to be discussed
April 18-24, Volunteer Appreciation (National Volunteer Week) 

June – BARN booth at the Bainbridge Pride Festival (?) 

July 4 – BARN booth at the Grand Old Fourth (?)

July 11 – August 11 – Summer Youth Classes 

Saturday, August 14: Member Appreciation Picnic ?   – AUG 8 

Friday, September 24: 2021 Certificate of Craft program begins (Jewelry-making) 

September: BARN booth at the Harvest Fair (?)

Sunday, October 3, 11am – 1pm: BARN Brunch Fundraiser 

Saturday, November 20, 10am – 3pm: BARN Bazaar 

December – Board appreciation event (Date TBD)

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