Fiber Arts Studio Safety Protocols - BARN

Fiber Arts Studio Safety Protocols

These protocols apply for Limited Open Studios during the initial phase of BARN’s reopening until further notice.

These protocols apply beginning with BARN’s spring 2021 reopening, until further notice.

All BARN-wide policies apply to the Fiber Studio as well. In particular, policies related to face masks, hand-washing/sanitizing, signing in, and physical distancing apply.

Starting April 1, 2021, the Fiber Studio is open to members and nonmembers during Monitored Open Studios. Attendees sign up to attend Monitored Open Studio through the BARN website.

In addition, members who have attended updated Monitor Training have fob access to the studio during BARN’s open hours when no class, community service activity, or other event is taking place in the studio. Monitor Training begins April 1, 2021. Members sign up through the BARN website. Fob access to the studio will be restored when Monitor Training is complete.

At this time, the Lab (Dye Studio) is closed until attendees can be retrained on Lab protocols. Lab training will resume later in 2021.

Limits on studio attendance are intended to reduce viral transmission:

  • A maximum of 6 people in the studio at any one time.
  • No more than 2 times a week for no more than 3 hours at a time.

Attendees are requested to comply with these limits on an honor system basis and, more important, to use courtesy—if 6 people have been in the studio for 2 or more hours and someone else would like to come in, please work out a fair and kind solution together.

As always—and now more than ever—attendees are requested to keep our shared space clean. BARN provides hand soap and sanitizer and cleaning tools (spray cleaner, paper and cloth towels, vacuum cleaner, broom, etc.). BARN will empty the trash regularly and provide some other cleaning services periodically.

As always, food must be consumed outside the studio and preferably outside of BARN. Drinks in the studio must close tightly.

Everyone is encouraged to take work-in-progress home when possible. Projects should be labeled with the artist’s name, contact info, and expected completion date. Labels and pens are at the desk.

BARN’s ventilation system is state-of-the-art; air flows into, through, and out of the building with minimal recirculation. To support air flow in the studio, the ceiling fans are to be kept on (even when studio is closed), and—weather permitting—windows are to be kept open when studio is occupied. (Of course, close windows and turn off fans as needed for comfort!)

Until further notice, all entry to the studio is to be through the main door only. Per BARN-wide policy, attendees must enter and sign in at the front door on the upper floor. After signing in, the studio back door can be used for loading and unloading.

Violation of these Fiber Studio protocols may result in fob deactivation.


  • Bring your own water bottle with a tight lid
  • When you can, bring your own small tools (scissors, pins, marking tools, etc.)
  • Limit the other things you bring to the studio
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Take your project home!

Step-by-Step Protocols


  • Sign up for Monitored Open Studio on the BARN website
  • Sign up for Monitor Training on the BARN website
  • Before coming to use the studio outside a scheduled Monitored Open Studio, double check that BARN is open and double check the Fiber Studio calendar on the BARN website to ensure no other activity is scheduled. Please do not come during classes or community service activities


  • Fob in, even if door is propped open
  • Sign in at the front desk
  • Wash hands at sink near desk (one person at a time), or use hand sanitizer, as needed
  • Tool caddies are available to collect tools you’ll need while you’re in the studio
  • Check that ceiling fans are on and, weather permitting, open a couple of windows to increase air circulation

While Working

  • Wear your mask
  • Maintain 6’ distance from others at all times:
  • one person per table, loom, ironing board, swift, warping board, upholstered seat, etc.
  • allow the person ahead of you to complete their task at the shelves or sink before going over
  • After leaving studio temporarily (restroom break, food break), wash or sanitize hands upon return
  • Use courtesy and kindness at all times in our shared space—if someone is waiting to enter but the studio is full (6 people), please work out a fair and kind solution


  • If leaving a project in the studio, tidy project as appropriate and label with name, contact info, and expected completion date, as needed. Labels and pens are at the front desk
  • Wipe down table, chair, and large common equipment as needed
  • Vacuum or sweep your area and floor under any common space you used (ironing board, cutting table, etc.)
  • Place used cloth towels in wash basket
  • Put away all tools
  • If you are the last to leave, double check that all heaters, irons, sewing machines, and other electric tools are unplugged and put away
  • Close and latch all windows and exterior doors
  • Turn off lights, but leave ceiling fans on low  to maintain air circulation
  • Exit through the main studio door (not outside doors) and ensure door latches behind you