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Certificate of Craft: Advanced Jewelry Apprentice

Considering a career in jewelry-making? Spend nine months with the artists at BARN and develop all the skills you need! New session begins September 2022, applications are due in summer 2022.

• BARN’s Jewelry Arts studio is equipped with state-of-the-art tools.
• Artists of all ages and experience levels are there to help one another.
• Certificate of Craft instructors have years or decades of experience as jewelry artists.
• Building and serving community is part of the BARN mission and the Certificate of Craft students will become part of the community of artisans and makers.

Interested? Download an application and send the completed form by email to Program Coordinator Nanz Aalund or mail it to BARN at 8890 Three Three Lane, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, attn: Nanz. Tuition assistance is available, if interested please return a completed Financial Aid Form along with your application. Applications are due in summer 2022.

To hear more about the program, email Program Coordinator Nanz Aalund for a one-on-one info session, or call her at 206-842-4475 ext. 223. See a program catalog with a complete schedule for Fall Quarter.

Watch program Coordinator Nanz Aalund’s overview of what you’ll learn:

About The Program

BARN’s Certificate of Craft: Advanced Jewelry Apprentice program will be a hybrid learning experience featuring both online and hands-on classes that will run from September 2022 to June 2023. The program is based on the book A Jeweler’s Guide to Apprenticeship written by Program Coordinator Nanz Aalund. This program opens doors to fulfilling careers in jewelry design, manufacture, restoration, sales and repair. Experienced instructors provide hands-on training in computer aided design (CAD), gemology, lapidary, stone setting and additive manufacturing.

A graduate of the Certificate of Craft: Advanced Jewelry Apprentice program will demonstrate a command of basic jewelry fabrication, torch use, casting, and soldering as well as safety procedures, and tool use protocols. BARN’s wide range of talented craftspeople and industrial equipment also provides experiences with CNC mills, lathes, laser cutters and 3D printers.

Fall Quarter

The program begins with a focus on safety. Students will learn the safe and efficient use and handling of torches and power tools while developing their hand skills. Sawing, filing, and soldering are the skills focused on during the Fall quarter. Students learn design principles and how to sketch as they gain ring-making and stone-setting skills from master craftspeople.

Winter Quarter

With a firm grasp of basic skills, students can expand their knowledge during the Winter quarter to include wax carving and lost wax casting while exploring 3D software and 3D printing in the Electronic and Technical Arts (ETA) studio. Additional skills in milling and lathe use are developed through multiple projects and guided practice in the Machine Fabrication studio. Students learn gem identification and gemstone cutting. During this quarter students can test to become a jewelry studio Safety Monitor.

Spring Quarter

In Spring, classes on hydraulic press use, laser cutting, and enameling will continue to inspire each student’s creativity, while classes in cellphone photography help the students prepare their portfolios for graduation. During spring quarter, students also focus on learning business skills, with guidance from jewelry industry experts.


Quarterly Tuition in 2021 is $3,100. with additional costs for tools and materials (approximately $375 to $500 per quarter). BARN will provide loaner toolboxes for a deposit of $200.00, which will be reimbursed with the return of undamaged tools. The start date for the next 9-month Advanced Jewelry Apprentice program is September 24th, 2021. Apply now by completing the application form and returning it to Program Coordinator Nanz Aalund. Scholarships are available. If interested, please complete a Financial Aid Form and email it with your application. Students must have a high school diploma or GED in order to receive final certification under this program.

Scholarships are available. If interested please complete and include a copy of the Financial Aid Form. Jewelry toolboxes are available for loan with a deposit.


For more information, call program coordinator, Nanz Aalund, at 206-842-4475 ext 223, email her.