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A BARN Studio for learning and making audio, video and social media projects, and the home of the all-volunteer BCB community podcasting service.

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Media Arts brings BCB and media skills to the BARN family!

After 3 years of producing more than 500 all-volunteer podcasts about our community, Bainbridge Community Broadcasting (BCB) is now excited to be part of the BARN family!

Join us to become actively and creatively involved in producing audio, video, social media and community podcasting.

Meanwhile, BCB and its website will continue to be your source for community podcasts.

Sign up for our Studio’s educational class offerings on our Studio’s Calendar .

To listen to any of our 500+ BCB podcasts, click the logo for any of these podcast shows.

Logo for podcast show What's Up on Bainbridge IslandFor local events:
What’s Up Bainbridge

Each episode brings you a 5-to-15 minute preview of an upcoming local event, described by the event organizer. More than 200 What’s Up podcasts have focused on upcoming arts events, bookstore author events, science talks, or any of a wide variety of public events anywhere in the community.

Logo for podcast show Who's On Bainbridge IslandFor local people:
Who’s On Bainbridge

In each episode, listen in on a 20 to 30 minute personal conversation with a local islander who helps make Bainbridge Island such an interesting and engaging place to live.

Logo for podcast show Arts and Artists On Bainbridge IslandFor local arts and artists:
Arts and Artists on Bainbridge

Each podcast interview in the “Art Museum Encounters” series brings you a conversation with an artist or collector who is showing at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. Other Arts and Artists podcast bring you a local artist, performer, author or musician who is active in the local creative arts community.

Logo for podcast show Community Cafe Bainbridge IslandFor local issues:
Community Cafe

In the time it takes to share a coffee at a cafe with a friend who cares about community, we hear the local need or issue that’s on the mind of a local Bainbridge Island resident.

Logo for podcast show Bainbridge Island OutdoorsFor outdoor activities:
Bainbridge Outdoors

In each episode of this new show, we invite you to step outside on foot, bike or boat and enjoy our island’s nature, wildlife, sights, sounds and people along the way. Whether you’re interested in bird spotting, trail hiking or interesting local destinations, this show is for you.

Logo for podcast show Tastes of Bainbridge IslandFor local food:
Tastes of Bainbridge

So many of us are local foodies, and this podcast show reflects the great Bainbridge Island interest in local foods, the farmers market, the latest produce in our stores, recipes, cooking and dining in our community.

Logo for podcast show Bainbridge Island SpecialsFor special performances:
Bainbridge Island Specials

When there’s something special occurring on Bainbridge Island, there’s an opportunity to hear it in this diverse and eclectic set of BCB podcasts — whether it’s a cast doing a radio play, a panel of clergy standing up against climate change, or voices at a vigil at the Japanese-American memorial.

Logo for podcast show Bainbridge Island On CampusFor a teen perspective:
Bainbridge On Campus

BCB’s student partners at the Bainbridge High School offer their perspective of the campus and the island community as a whole. These podcasts have described high school students with extraordinary skills and interests, student sports, and activities students are pursuing.

Bainbridge Video Podcasts

320x180 GIF 3When there’s something that is worth seeing in the community, and not just hearing about, BCB will present it as a video podcast.

Some video podcasts tell lively stories about the community, such as the opening of Owen’s Playground.

Some video podcasts take us to an event, like a community concert.

Other videos will illustrate a “how to…” idea, perhaps showing how to make something special at a BARN artisan craft studio.

Click a name to email any of our Studio’s Steering Committee members:

Barry Peters: Studio Lead and BCB Manager; Teacher of BCB Volunteers
Channie Peters: BCB Host; BCB Hosting Teacher
Bob Ross: Volunteer Coordinator for the Media Arts and BCB Studio
Chris Walker: BCB Audio Editor; Studio Assistant Manager & Bookkeeper; BCB Audio Editing Teacher
Diane Walker: BCB Social Media Publisher; BARN Community Service Team; Studio Publicist; BCB Social Media Teacher

BARN Members – Click here for the calendar to schedule use of the Media Arts & BCB audio recording studio.