Membership benefits

By joining BARN, you are supporting and becoming part of the network of creative people working to create a wonderful community resource.
1. Frame the BARN of the future by helping to build and shape BARN’s initial programs in Rolling Bay.
2. Gain access to tools and equipment.
3. Participate in service projects.
4. Access members-only web content, including the membership directory.
5. Post pictures of your work in the membership directory.
6. Get a discount on class fees for all BARN craft areas.
7. Affiliate with one or more studios so you can make friends, share tips, get help and inspiration.

Is it tax-deductible? Your membership fee will help grow BARN’s network—and pay the rent. It is not tax-deductible because it gives access to tools and facilities. Donations, which we greatly appreciate, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.